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Garden Rooms

Built to last

Our GardenRooms are a permanent extension to the home and are therefore designed to last as long as the house.

While a conservatory is designed with some element of flexibility our GardenRoom is design with fixed joint technology, yet engineered using traditional roofing design.

This means there is no worry of large gaps in the plaster appearing unlike some other inferior products. We have designed our products with cutting edge, 3D computer modelling and they have been exhaustively tested to be able to withstand the very harshest of climates in the UK.

Product engineering

We also have our own dedicated structural posts that are incorporated into the overall design of the GardenRoom whenever needed, along with a stylish hardwood strut, which is used to support larger GardenRoom roofs.

These posts can also be incorporated into existing conservatories for homeowners wanting to replace their existing roofs. Our installers also benefit from dedicated installation and surveyor training and every roof is hand built in our factory. This makes the installation process easier and quicker, so there’s less disruption on site.

So what’s the next step?

Talk to one of our registered installers and they will be able to advise you on a number of design options based on your desires and budget, whether it’s for a replacement roof on an existing conservatory or for a completely newly built Garden Room.

Don’t forget that a Garden Room is a new genre for extended living and with it comes a vaulted internal ceiling, tiled exterior and the benefit of an extended living area that’s as energy efficient as the rest of your home. We believe that the Garden Room will completely re-define the way we look at extended living in our homes. Go on, extend your living space with a stunning, all year round GardenRoom.

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